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Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus Health & Safety

Amid the current pandemic of Coronavirus here are things I am doing to prevent the spread of the illness as an agent as this should not slow or stop Real Estate if the right precautions are taken:

-Constantly washing hands and using hand sanitizer when out in the field and in between appointments.

-Using disposable paper towels when washing hands instead of hand towels. Sometimes wearing gloves or a masks.

-Sellers should sanitize their lockbox and all door handles/handrails as well as the key in the lock box. 

-Maybe a quick spray of Lysol after showings throughout the home.

-No longer shake hands with those that we meet until further notice especially at open houses.

-If agents leave a card don’t touch the card unless you use rubber gloves or a paper towel to put it in a different location( maybe not paper towels as you won’t be able to find them ;) ) or ask that a card not be left at all.

-Have clients follow agents to showings instead of riding in the same car. Remain a safe distance between you and other parties.

-I will video preview a home for you as well.

We are all in this together!

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